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The staff here are just simply fantastic. It really says something about an office or a person if they have people that have been working for them for thirty years, fifteen years. It definitely means that they’re being treated right and when somebody is treated right, that is reflected on how they treat the patients. They know, treat people really nicely, you treat them like they’re your family. And that’s something that the staff here does. They’re very friendly and they treat everybody like family.

I’ve been very fortunate in having staff that has stayed with me for a long time. I have a number of employees that have been with me thirty years, twenty years, and I love having them here and they obviously enjoy working here or they wouldn’t be here. With their talent, they could go anywhere else and find a job but they’ve elected to stay with me and I really think that’s very important in having good patient rapport; when a patient comes in they see the same person every time.

Sometimes they’ll see Dr. Smith and sometimes they’ll see myself, if they have a preference and they tell the receptionist, we’ll make sure – I’m very accessible and Dr. Smith is very accessible. Some days it just flows better if he sees a patient for a visit other than myself, but if someone has a preference, we do it.

I have four sons and none of my sons could I talk into being a dentist. But if I had a son that became a dentist, I would hope it would be Dr. Smith. I really admire him, I talked to a number of young dentists before I hired him, and I had other associates, but Dr. Smith is good as I could get. Hopefully he’s here for longer than I am and that he keeps the practice going after I’m gone. That’s something we’ve discussed, and we are hoping for. He’s a wonderful young man, he’s not only a good dentist but he’s a good person. He has two children and a wife, and he thinks the world of both of them. He’s very family oriented and his philosophy and mine couldn’t be any closer. He’s taught me things and I teach him things and it’s a learning process for both of us.


I can’t say that there is the most important one thing that I love about working here, I just like working with the patients. I’ve done it for years, I like helping people. It’s a good office staff to work with. Dr. Feder is just the best ever. I send all my family and friends here. I think he’s an awesome dentist. He’s more of a quality, not a quantity dentist, and he will be honest with you if you ask him a question. He will tell you exactly what he would do if it was his mother or his sister, and I think a lot of people like that kind of advice. They think it’s real and true and honest, and it is.

If you’re looking for a new dentist, you should call Dr. Feder and Dr. Smith’s office. Because they’re going to make you feel comfortable, they’re going to take care of your problem then and anytime you need it. If someone calls our office with a toothache, they will get you in that day. You will be seen and you will be taken care of.

Liz is Dr. Feder’s longest serving employee and has been working in our office since July of 1974. She and her husband Dale live in Belleville. They have four children and a yellow lab named Maggie.


Dawn is a business associate and has worked with Dr. Feder since August 2001. She resides in Swansea with her two daughters, Brianna, and Kylee.


Nikki has been working in our office since 1997. She and her three children reside in Mascoutah, Illinois.


Kim has been worked with Dr. Feder since 1991. She resides in Troy, Illinois with her husband, Andy and their two children, Lexi and Jackson.


It’s a good, reputable place. He’s been around for a long, long time. He’s very honest and he will tell them directly what they need to have done. He’s just a good guy. It’s a fun place to work for. I feel satisfied when I go home at night. It’s a very good place to work. It’s a good work environment.

The people that come here can always feel like they’ll be taken good care of because we all strive to do our best and we all strive to just take good care of everybody that comes through the office. We try to just give them good, thorough, kind service.

Dr. Feder wouldn’t do anything to anybody that he wouldn’t do on a family member. He does state that to people. He’ll tell them that if it was his wife or his son or whatever, he would do this type of treatment and he lets them know that in advance.

Cheryl’s skills as a dental hygienist have been adding top-notch care to our office since 1988. She resides in Mascoutah, Illinois with her husband Allen and two children, Melissa and Christine.


What I love about working here is all of the patients, the friends I’ve made with patients over the years.

They’re both very conservative, they don’t want to do things unless it needs to be done. That’s one of the things that I like about them too, they don’t just go in and try to redo everybody’s work. They just want to do what needs to be done in a fair, fair way.

He’s very kind. That’s what people like about him is that he’s so kind. They just feel that they can trust him and they know when he tells them that they need something, that it truly is a need. If there’s just something that he thinks he can do to improve it but they don’t really have to do it, he’ll tell them that, he won’t say they have to have it, and people appreciate that honesty.

Carol has been providing expert dental hygiene care to Dr. Feder’s patients since October of 1981. She and her husband Gary live in Maryville, Illinois. They enjoy spending time with Carol’s mom, Jo, who lives with them and enjoy frequent visits from their grandchildren.


Laura is a dental hygienist and has been providing care for Dr. Feder’s patients since September of 1982. Laura and her husband Mark have five children and two grandsons. Laura and Mark reside in New Athens, Illinois with their three younger children and yellow lab, Nappa Mae.


The atmosphere is mostly fun. We’re with each other more than we are with our family, and we try to get along as well as we can. I think our patients see that too. Our patients see us having fun, not necessarily goofing off but laughing and talking.

We spoil our patients. If they wait in the waiting room for longer than five minutes, they’re up and asking why aren’t we back? They’re used to that, we spoil them.

Kelly is a 1992 graduate of SIU-C School of Dental Hygiene and has been employed at our office since 1994. She lives in Red Bud with her two children, Nolan and Maegan.


Sandy graduated from SIU-C School of Dental Hygiene in 1975. She resides in O’Fallon, Illinois. Sandy enjoys traveling to visit her children and grandchildren.


I think employees have stayed here a long time, due to Dr. Feder, his integrity, his passion for what he does, I think. It comes down to everyone here, everyone has it, everyone gets that way.

I think patients really enjoy coming here because they feel that also. There is no messing around. They come in, they get their dental work done quickly, efficiently, as well as coming to the front afterwards, that is a quick and usually efficient thing also. We try to make it that way for all patients.

We’ve been in practice for well over thirty years. Dr. Feder’s reputation precedes him. We have more new patients here than any other practice I know of, monthly averaging a lot, because of the integrity, because of the passion that he has.

Janell is a business associate and has worked with Dr. Feder since 2010. She resides in O’Fallon with her husband Mike.


I love working here because I love the people I work with. I like working for Dr. Feder.

I would recommend they come see Dr. Feder because he’s great at what he does. He’s very honest and he’s not going to pressure you into doing anything that you don’t want to do that day.

I like working here because the staff is great, and everyone is warm and friendly.

Katherine is one of our wonderful dental assistants and has been with us since 2012. She resides in Freeburg.


The reason I love working here is the patients, the atmosphere, the doctor. I’ve been here for eighteen years and I don’t know anybody else who would be more conservative in what he decides that needs to be done. He doesn’t just do anything just for the heck of it.

The people here are really nice and friendly. The majority of us have been here for a very long time. There are some new people that we’ve gotten over the years but I think in the long run, everybody stays here- that works here, will stay here and work here because they like it so much.

I love the doctor. Like I said earlier, he’s conservative. He’ll get into your life and ask you how you’re doing and I think a lot of people really enjoy that.

Nicole works as a dental assistant, she has been employed here since May, 2014. Nicole and her husband Fred have two children Jayde and Alex. They reside in Smithton, Il.


What’s great about working here is all of the coworkers are amazing. With me only being here six months, they’ve made me feel like I’m at home. Everybody has accepted me and they’re able to work with me with learning everything still and they’re awesome.

They should come to Dr. Feder’s to try us out. We do take new patients awfully quickly. You call and a lot of times if you’re a new patient, you can get in that same day, even in the next couple of hours. Waiting room time you don’t wait very long at all.

Beth is a dental assistant and has been working with Dr. Feder since the end of May, 2014. She resides in Smithton, Il with her fiancé Lucas and their olde English Bulldog, Tonka. They are getting married in October 2015.

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