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5 Reasons to Choose Thomas J. Feder DDS PC

How many dental offices have you been to that felt cold, uninviting, and just not appealing? How often have you been left waiting in the reception area ten, fifteen, even thirty minutes past your scheduled appointment slot? How many times have you sat uncomfortably reclined in a lumpy dentist’s chair, chilly and exposed? Not all dentist offices are the same. If you are seeking a new sort of dental home — one that places as much importance on patient comfort and satisfaction as on providing top-notch clinical care — schedule an appointment with Thomas J. Feder DDS PC. We want your ......


Our Staff Is Top Notch [video]

In recognition of Dental Assistants Recognition Week, which runs this year from March 4th through March 10th, we’d like to honor our fantastic dental assistants. These hardworking team members assist the doctors chairside, help keep the office running, and provide support to patients. In this video, dental assistant Beth discusses what makes working at Thomas J. Feder DDS PC such a special place to work. Many of our employees have been with us for decades. This creates a family atmosphere that puts patients at ease and keeps them coming back. For comfortable and compassionate dentistry in ...


What to Expect During a Periodontal Screening [video]

When you visit us at Thomas J. Feder DDS, PC, we will examine and clean your teeth. But we will also take a good look at your gums. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is common and potentially dangerous. It may lead to tooth loss and has been associated with a number of serious systemic health problems. Watch this video from the American Dental Association to learn more about gum disease and what to expect from a periodontal screening. If you live in or around Belleville, IL, call Thomas J. Feder DDS, PC at 618-219-1412 for a cleaning and exam. Or fill out our convenient online contact form.


Five Ways to Love Your Gums [infographic]

It’s Gum Disease Awareness Month. How much do you know about this potentially serious condition? Not only is it startlingly common, affection half of Americans over the age of thirty, but research has shown that it may be a factor in developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.  The earlier gum disease, or periodontal disease, is caught, the easier it is to reverse. For gum disease treatment in Belleville, IL, call Thomas J. Feder DDS, PC at 618-219-1412. Or fill out our convenient online form.


“I like coming to Dr. Feder’s office.” [video]

Joe loves coming to Thomas J. Feder DDS, PC, for all of his general dentistry needs because the staff is so friendly and welcoming and Dr. Feder is compassionate and professional. He explains every procedure thoroughly and gives Joe options for treatment. Thanks to the doctor’s advice, Joe didn’t have to pull all of his teeth like he thought he would. A year later, he couldn’t be happier with his decision.  “He’s very knowledgeable and he keeps you informed on what he’s doing, makes sure you’re aware of what’s going to happen.” Fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for any ......


Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy this Valentine’s Day

Just when you’re breathing a sigh of relief that the holidays — and the candy canes, eggnog, and other tooth-destroying sweets that go with them — are over, February arrives. Yup, Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means another influx of candy into the house. Or does it? We are not advocating that you forbid your children from eating any candy at all. After all, deprivation tends to increase temptation. But there are ways you can minimize the consumption of sweets in your house and still give your kids an awesome, fun-filled Valentine’s Day. Be sure everyone in the family comes to ......


Getting Over Dental Fear Starts With The Right Team [VIDEO]

When Cindy first came to Dr. Feder, she was so terrified of dental care that she wouldn’t even let him touch her mouth for a thorough examination! But rather than turn her away, Dr. Feder eased her through her first visit and from there, slowly helped her build more confidence about getting the dental treatment she needed. Hear Cindy talk about how, with help from our caring team at Thomas J. Feder DDS PC, she has made amazing strides in overcoming her anxieties about dentistry. Learn more about how we can make dental care more comfortable for you! Call our Belleville, IL dental office ......


Focus on Preventive Care This Year [BLOG]

How important is your smile? Well, it’s one of the first things that people notice about you. A healthy, cared-for smile reflects a healthy, cared-for body. If your pearly whites are decayed or damaged, it diminishes your self-confidence and may even have consequences in your social and professional lives. And it’s not just about outward appearances. Research continues to demonstrate how the state of the teeth and gums influences overall well-being. Infections in your mouth may spread throughout the body. Periodontal disease increases your risk of developing heart problems, diabetes, and ......


Should Whiter Teeth Be Your New Year’s Resolution? [QUIZ]

Do you know the number one most requested cosmetic dental treatment is among adults in this country? It’s professional teeth whitening, and it’s one of the easiest ways to perk up your smile and make you feel great! This year, imagine how it would look and feel to walk around from day to day with a glowing, brighter smile. Now imagine it being your reality in 2018 with teeth whitening at Thomas J. Feder DDS PC! Answer a few questions to see if teeth whitening should be one of your New Year’s resolutions. Then book an appointment with us. Call our Belleville, IL dental office today at ......


Brush up on Toothbrushing Technique [video]

When you do something twice a day every day, it’s easy to become complacent about doing it right. Or maybe you never learned correct toothbrushing technique to begin with. But proper oral care at home is essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy between dental visits. Watch this video from the American Dental Association to brush up on your toothbrushing technique. Then call the Belleville, IL office of Thomas J. Feder DDS PC at 618-219-1412 to book your next cleaning and exam. We are also reachable through our online form.


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