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5 Ways You are Sabotaging Your Dental Health [longform]

  • May 8, 2018

5 Ways You are Sabotaging Your Dental Health [longform]

Everyone wants to be healthier, right? But did you know that you are likely setting your mouth up for failure? You see, there are a lot of things that you can do to keep your mouth healthy, but a lot of people just don’t do them. What’s more is that we often do things that are making our oral health WORSE.

Check out the list below, and then call our Belleville, IL dentist office at 618-219-1412 to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam. Even if you’ve been messing up, we still want to see you smile!

Unhealthy Snacking

Snacking by itself is fine in moderation, but there are some snacks that are just bad for your teeth. Things like fruit chews, pretzels, and crackers might seem like the healthier choice, but these foods are all high in “sticky” (yes, that’s a medical term).

These snacks are going go get stuck in every nook and cranny of your teeth and they won’t come out. They’re like glue. Even excellent brushers will struggle to get these types of food cleared from their teeth.

Instead, go for fresh fruits or vegetables, maybe even cheese.

A Tobacco Habit

You’ve probably been told since you were a young child that tobacco was a bad habit, yet it is one that you’ve developed. The most important thing we want to say here is that it is NEVER too late to quit. There are so many resources available to you. Find something that works, and get healthy again!

For your mouth specifically, you are risking oral cancer, gum disease, and extensive staining. Give us a call, and let us help you break the habit.

Drinking sugary/acidic drinks

It’s important to stay hydrated, but soda, coffee, tea, and juice aren’t the way to do it. These drinks are full of either sugar or acid (or both!). All of which are detrimental to your teeth. The problem isn’t drinking these beverages once in a while or with a meal. The trouble comes when you have this beverage on the corner of your desk and you constantly wash your teeth in it all day long. Keep water at hand, and enjoy these other things in a single sitting.

Brushing too Hard

Of course you want to get your teeth clean, but brushing too hard (or with the wrong kind of toothbrush) can cause a lot of damage to your tooth enamel and gum level. You are literally scrubbing the good stuff away along with the bad.

Choose a toothbrush with extra soft bristles, and brush with a gentle, circular motion for at least two minutes. This is all that’s required to get your teeth clean (along with flossing, of course).

Putting Off Dental Visits

This is one that we’re almost all guilty of: delaying a visit. Six months isn’t just a number we drew out of the air. This is how long your teeth can hold out against the buildup of plaque. Much longer, and that plague starts to infect your gums and do damage to your teeth. It’s going to build up no matter how hard you fight it, so it’s important that you get it scraped off of your teeth regularly.

Do what you can to protect your teeth. Eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and keep your mouth clean. These are the foundation of not only a healthy smile, but a healthy life. Call Dr. Feder at 618-219-1412 to schedule your next dental cleaning or exam. We can’t wait to see you soon.

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