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Don’t Fall For The Root Canal Fake News

  • May 1, 2017

Don’t Fall For The Root Canal Fake News

Your teeth should not normally give you any pain. There are nerve endings inside the tooth, but they’re protected by the tooth’s enamel. So when you have a toothache that comes and goes, or one that’s pretty much always there, you have a problem. And as with many dental problems, hoping it goes away is probably the worst thing you can do.

Call our Belleville, IL dental office today at 618-219-1412 to schedule a dental exam. Our Belleville dentists have the expertise to determine if that toothache is from an infection. If so, you can get a root canal to save that tooth.

Wait, a root canal? Don’t listen to all the myths and fake news about root canals. Not only can they be comfortable for you, they will end toothaches. That’s right. Instead of being painful, root canals get rid of the pain.

What Is A Root Canal?

A root canal is a restorative dentistry treatment, meaning that it’s used to restore a tooth to its original, healthy state. When you have a tooth with an infection inside it, a root canal procedure will remove the infection. Here’s how they typically look:

  • First, our highly skilled team will take digital X-rays of your teeth. This allows our dentists to find where in your tooth the infection is hiding.
  • You’re given a local anesthetic, and if necessary, some dental sedation like nitrous oxide. This makes sure you are comfortable throughout the root canal procedure.
  • Our dentist makes a small opening in your tooth. This is so he can reach the infection.
  • Using specialized tools and advanced training, our dentist will gently remove the infected dental pulp. Any remaining space is filled in with an inert substance called gutta-percha.
  • A dental crown is placed over a tooth. This seals up the opening, but it also makes the tooth stronger. (The infection weakened it.)

That’s why you should call our Belleville, IL dental office today for a root canal appointment. The procedure is routine for highly experienced dentists like Dr. Feder and Dr. Smith.

When You Can Use A Root Canal

But how does your tooth get infected in the first place, especially since it’s covered by tough enamel? Normally, it’s due to a bad cavity.

All cavities are caused by harmful bacteria found in your mouth. As the cavity gets deeper, it can eventually break through the enamel. This lets those bacteria slip into the dental pulp inside the tooth. Dental pulp is where the blood vessels and nerves are found. That’s why this infection causes a toothache — it keeps triggering your nerve endings.

But it also attacks the blood vessels there. This starves the tooth and turns the enamel brittle. If this infection goes untreated for too long, your tooth runs the risk of cracking open while still in your mouth. In extreme cases, the infection gets into your bloodstream and spreads, causing widespread inflammation in your body.

Fake News (And Truth) About Root Canals

There are a lot of misunderstandings about root canals, so here are a few bits of fake news and the truth about them.

FAKE: Root canals are extremely painful.
FACT: Root canals are normally comfortable.

This might have been more true many decades ago when dentistry was still young. But these days, this is easily fake news. Root canal procedures include a local anesthetic to ensure your comfortable. If necessary, you can also get nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you feel relaxed. And because they remove toothaches, the real painful thing is not getting one!

FAKE: Root canals increase your risk of disease, including cancer.
FACT: There has never been a link between root canals and disease.

One study published back in the 1920s said root canals were linked to all kinds of disease, including arthritis and cancer. However, that study was not just never proven true; it was debunked by dentists, doctors, and scientists. Removing an infection with a root canal procedure only makes you healthier.

FAKE: Removing an infected tooth is always better than a root canal.
FACT: Keeping your natural tooth is what’s really better.

Because some people believed root canals were unhealthy, they started the idea that the best thing to do with an infected tooth is to remove it. While that does solve the problem, that’s like cutting off an infected finger to save the hand. There’s no reason for it! A root canal by our highly skilled dentists can remove the infection and let you keep your natural tooth.

Call us TODAY at 618-219-1412 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment for a root canal. Once our team finds where it lies, Dr. Feder or Dr. Smith can expertly and safely remove the infection. This gets rid of that nagging toothache, and even better, it saves your tooth.

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