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Helping Your Removable Dentures Last & Be Comfortable

  • June 9, 2017

Helping Your Removable Dentures Last & Be Comfortable

It’s tough when you grow older and start losing your teeth. You need your teeth for many reasons, not just to chew. It helps you talk, you need to smile, and even the shape of your face changes when you’re lost a lot of teeth. Sadly, your lost teeth do not grow back.

That’s why you need to call our Belleville, IL dental office today at 618-219-1412 and make an appointment for modern removable dentures. You need to have a full set of teeth. Dr. Feder is your Belleville dentist who can help with natural-looking and durable dentures so you can smile, chew, and talk normally again.

How Dentures Restore Your Teeth

Sometimes, people lost a single tooth due to a sports injury or something similar. In those cases, you need either a dental bridge or dental implant. Both restorative dentistry treatments are great at replacing one lost tooth.

But what happens when you’ve lost a lot more than just one? That’s when you need dentures. However, these aren’t the same ones your grandparents might have used. Today’s dentures have replacement teeth that look much better and last longer. The general structure is the same — replacement teeth set in a gum-colored base that you can remove and put back in — but they work better.

At our Belleville, IL dental office, you can get two types of removable dentures:

  • Partial dentures are great when you still have some of your natural teeth in place. These will replace several teeth in a row that are gone.
  • Full dentures are designed to replace a full arch of teeth: All the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth.

Taking Care Of Your Removable Dentures

With good care, your removable dentures should last 10 years or longer. That’s an average, of course, so yours could last more or fewer years. It depends on how comfortable they still feel and how the replacement teeth look.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your removable dentures.

– Take out your dentures each night.

Your dentures rest on your gums, so whenever you chew, pressure hits your gum tissues. That’s why you need to take your dentures out every night. Your gums need time to rest and heal before using dentures the next day.

You also want to clean your gums at this time, then store them in water overnight. Letting your dentures dry out means the base can change its shape just a little. This could make it fall out more easily or feel less comfortable when worn.

– Only use cold or lukewarm water with your dentures.

When it comes to cleaning or storing your dentures overnight, you want to avoid using very hot water. While it’s true that such water can help sterilize and keep things clean, the heat can also change the shape of your dentures’ base by a little. This means your dentures could soon be uncomfortable or more likely to fall out. Stick with water that’s cold or lukewarm.

– Handle your dentures carefully when not on your gums.

Your dentures are designed to handle a lot of pressure. After all, you chew with them repeatedly each day. However, that’s a very specific kind of pressure. They are not designed to deal with rough handling or being dropped. Either can make your dentures less comfortable or secure.

Make sure you handle your dentures gently but securely when cleaning them or taking them out at night.

– Visit our Belleville, IL dental office every six months.

Your dentures aren’t going to get cavities or anything like that, but you still need regular visits without Belleville dentist. First, you can still have problems with gum disease that could make wearing dentures uncomfortable. But Dr. Feder can also make sure your dentures are shaped right and working well.

– Consider upgrading to implant-secured dentures.

There is an alternative to removable dentures. You can secure them in place with dental implants. This takes some of the pressure off your gums because the implants let pressure travel down it into the bone tissue in your jaw. These implant-secured dentures also make sure your dentures never fall out.

Call us TODAY at 618-219-1412 or use our convenient online form to make your next appointment for dentures.

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