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Let Your Teeth Shine For Your Valentine

  • February 2, 2017

Let Your Teeth Shine For Your Valentine

You’re late. Or you’re going to be late for your very important date.

You are rushing to put on your outfit. You rush to the mirror to check your hair. “Looking good,” you think to yourself and smile.

That’s when it hits you. Your teeth are yellow. That’s not exactly the look you were going for this Valentine’s Day.

Fortunately, you may be able to avoid that scenario if you call our dentists in Belleville, IL. A professional teeth whitening treatment could help you remove stains from your smile.

The staff at Dr. Thomas J. Feder’s office wants you to be happy with your smile. We have seen how teeth whitening has done just that for many of our patients.

Could it work for you? Find out by calling 618‑219‑1412 or contacting us online today to schedule a consultation.

What About The Teeth Whitening Products At The Store?

That’s a reasonable question and one that many people ask. Some products are more effective than others, but nothing you can buy off the shelf will have the power of our professional teeth whitening products.

As teeth whitening became more popular, more and more “whitening” products were introduced. Almost every box of toothpaste declares its whitening properties, and you can find dozens of strips and gels and other products.

The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs took a close look at these various products, and issue a statement as a guide for patients.

Here are some of their conclusions:

▸ Whitening products can be divided into those without bleaching agents and those with bleaching agents.

▸ Whitening toothpaste is considered a non-bleaching whitening product. It can help remove surface stains, but that’s about it.

▸ Products with bleaching agents (like strips and gels) have hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These can get below the surface to remove deeper stains from your teeth.

▸ Only products that contain up to 10 percent carbamide peroxide or 3.5 percent hydrogen peroxide are eligible for the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

▸ Professional whitening products can contain up to 11 times higher concentrations of bleaching agents than commercial products. This allows professional products to go even deeper to remove more stains.

But their most important conclusion may be this:

▸ Patients should talk to a dentist before using any teeth whitening product with a bleaching agent.

The reason is that teeth whitening may not be a good idea for all patients. If you dental fillings or dental crown, this can limit the effectiveness of teeth whitening.

It’s also possible for teeth to become discolored for reasons other than staining. In those cases, teeth whitening is not going to be as effective as other kinds of cosmetic dentistry.

Before you spend your money, please talk to one of our dentists in Belleville, IL. Call 618‑219‑1412 to get started.

Take-Home Professional Teeth Whitening

At Dr. Feder’s office, we recommend our take-home professional teeth whitening for patients who are good candidates for this treatment.

Take-home whitening is gentler on your teeth than in-office treatments, and the final results are similar even if it takes a little more time to complete the treatment.

As part of this process, we create a custom-made set of whitening trays for your teeth. This helps to keep the gel on your teeth to create a more even whiteness across your smile.

And as we noted earlier, this is stronger than the commercial products you can pick up in the toothpaste aisle. This makes our professional products more effective when they are used correctly.

A member of our team will explain how to use our whitening products so you can get the most benefits from using it.

Talk To Us About Your Options

Every patient who walks into our dentist office in Belleville, IL, should be happy with his or her smile. If you aren’t because your teeth are dark or yellow, please talk to our dentists about how we can help.

Professional teeth whitening has worked for many of our patients either on its own or in combination with other services, like teeth bonding. (Bonding uses a composite resin to add shape to chipped and worn-down teeth.)

Our dentists can examine your teeth and answer any questions you may have about your teeth whitening options.

Give yourself a reason to smile this Valentine’s Day and far beyond. Call 618‑219‑1412 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at Dr. Feder’s office today!

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