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What You Need To Know About Gum Disease | Belleville, IL

  • February 20, 2017

What You Need To Know About Gum Disease | Belleville, IL

Here at the office of Thomas J. Feder, DDS, we are dedicated to helping our patients maintain happy, healthy smiles at every stage of life. One of the ways we accomplish this is through nonsurgical gum disease treatment.

You may not realize this: gum disease can unfold at any age, and, if it does, your smile, and your overall wellness, will be on the line. Read on to hear more about gum disease, including how to prevent it and treat it, and then be sure to get in touch with us to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Feder.

Gum Disease: Warning Signs

Gum disease is caused by oral bacteria. Once that bacteria pushes below your gumline, it will cause inflammation and infection. As gum disease expands, your gums will turn red and you may start to notice that they bleed easily, like while you are brushing your teeth. No, you aren’t just brushing too hard!

The earliest form of gum disease is known as gingivitis. It can be contained and reversed if caught early enough. But you have to be a regular visitor to our office for us to do you any good.

It Won’t Stop At Destroying Your Smile

Gingivitis that is not treated will eventually turn into full-blown periodontal disease, which is the advanced stage of gum disease. Your teeth will begin to loosen up and fall out. But the disease won’t stop at destroying your smile. You see, once that oral bacteria gets loose in your bloodstream, it can do some real damage to your body’s systems. There seems to be a very real connection between gum disease and certain respiratory issues, heart disease, and even cancer!

Preventive & Restorative Solutions

Sometimes we can treat early signs of gum disease just by helping you to better care for your teeth in between office visits. But for more intense cases we may need to perform a restorative treatment.

How we treat your gum disease depends entirely on how advanced your case is. For very mild cases, a cleaning procedure may be all that is required to eradicate the infection. We love treating gum disease this way because it is simple and does not require a lot of time. However, like we said, catching gum disease in its earliest stages is almost impossible if you do not keep regular dental appointments.

Don’t worry, even if your gum disease has moved on to more advanced stages, it isn’t too late. For moderate to severe cases, we use scaling and root planing. This deep-cleaning method will remove the infection and allow us to smooth your tooth roots to prevent future infections.

Take Back Your Smile!

We’ve got what it takes to help you get through gum disease or any other dental issues. In fact, we can treat most cases right here in our Belleville office. So, if you think you may have an infection, please get in touch.
Contact us online to schedule your consultation at Thomas J. Feder DDS, or give us a call at (618) 219-1412, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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