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When You Have a Dental Emergency

  • November 1, 2016

When You Have a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are genuine emergencies, although too many people in the Belleville, IL area don’t think so.

We visit emergency facilities when we’re injured and need medical attention. Or, we go to the ER or urgent care when we’re sick and not likely to recover on our own. The idea behind seeking emergency care is to preserve health and to save people from suffering, loss of function, and loss of life.

You might not think that having a tooth knocked out, a broken tooth, or a really bad toothache are emergencies. You’d be wrong.

Let’s take a look at the different types of dental emergencies and what you should do about them if you’re in or around Belleville, IL.

Here’s the first thing you should do for any dental emergency: call the office of Thomas J. Feder, DDS immediately for an emergency appointment. You can reach us at 618‑219‑1412. We always prioritize emergencies, and we can usually arrange to see you the same day.

Tooth Knocked Out or Comes Out of Its Socket

Healthy teeth should never come out of their sockets on their own. If one is out of its socket, it’s due to accident – like a fall, an impact to the face, or a car crash – or to infection.

Call our office immediately at 618‑219‑1412! Next, here are some tips to help you safeguard your tooth until we can see you.

Never touch the root of the tooth, because it can be damaged easily. Carefully rinse the tooth under clean water if it’s come out of your mouth, and then place it in a glass or container filled with milk. That will help preserve the tooth while you’re getting to our practice. Dr. Feder is your best bet for successfully reinserting the tooth.

And that’s what you want to happen. Not only are your natural teeth best, you’ll save a ton of money over having to get a dental implant or a bridge to replace a missing one.

Tooth is Broken

A tooth can break due to accident or decay. Regardless, call our office immediately at 618‑219‑1412 for an emergency appointment. Not all broken teeth bleed, but if yours does, rinse your mouth with warm water and then apply gauze to help stop bleeding. You can also use a cold compress on the outside of your skin over the injury. This can help reduce swelling and pain.

Carefully save all the pieces and bring them with you to our practice. It’s possible that Dr. Feder will be able to bond the tooth back together. If not, you may still be able to keep the tooth once a dental crown is placed over it to protect against further injury and decay, and to restore your ability to chew with it.

You Have Severe Dental Pain

While pain in a tooth or in your jaw can be caused by several things, the most likely explanation is a dental infection. This is not something you should ignore or try to “tough” your way through!

Not only can infection cost you a tooth, longstanding infections can enter your bloodstream and make a number of health conditions worse. Diabetes, heart problems, lung problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and even colorectal cancer have all been linked to dental infections.

Call our Belleville, IL office immediately at 618‑219‑1412 to arrange an emergency appointment. You may need a root canal procedure or gum disease treatment to clear up the infection and save the tooth. You’ll also be saving yourself a lot of pain and suffering.

Let’s face it – regardless of your dental emergency, you’re likely to be in a lot of pain. That pain will only get worse the longer you wait. You can count on Dr. Feder to relieve your pain immediately while assessing your condition and your dental needs.

Your natural teeth are best. If it’s possible to reinsert a tooth or to bond a broken tooth back together, that’s what Dr. Feder will recommend. If not, he’ll still do everything possible to repair a broken tooth or to make an infected tooth healthy again.

And if you should need to replace a missing tooth or teeth, count on Thomas J. Feder, DDS, to provide you with the best options that suit your needs and your finances.

Treat dental emergencies as true emergencies. Don’t wait! Arrange a same-day emergency appointment by calling our Belleville, IL practice immediately at 618‑219‑1412.

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